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January 25, 2009
The Old Guest House- Colorado Springs, Colorado

Research by: Robert Bailey and Jessica Cruz

Coming in late spring early summer (WILL KEEP YOU ALL POSTED)

The Frontier Prison, Rawlings, Wyoming

Back in the 1890's, to hold cattle rustlers, horse thieves, and other lawbreakers, they built a stone and steel state prison.  this prison in Rawlins replaced the territorial prison in Laramie in 1901 and operated for exactly 80 years.  It was designed by the same people who designed Alcatraz.  The Frontier was home to the roughest of inmates, it has 104 cells.  The Frontier had no hot water until 1978.  In 1906 a dungeon house was finished to house the most difficult, violent inmates and try to punish them into submission and conformity.

     In 1907 a guard, Ed Samuelson was shot by an inmate smuggling weapons into the prison.  Prisoner executions began in 1912 when the death house was completed.  9 men were hung by the julen gallows where they were forced to kill themselves by stepping on a trap door, a stream of water was started which eventually opened the trap door, unfortunately this do-it-yourself gallows didn't drop the condemned man far enough to break his neck, and they died slow, through strangulation. 
     The gas chamber was used from 1936 to 1965.  Andrew Pixley was convicted of murdering a family from Chicago, cannibalizing the two daughters and beating the parents to death, he had no memory of the crimes he had committed when they found him in the room covered in blood.  He had no conscience.  Andrew Pixley was executed in the gas chamber on December 10th 1965, they say it took twice as long as anyone else to die.  Before the execution they tested the gas chamber for leaks by finding a stray cat and executing it in the chamber, normally they used pigs. The tour guides give tours of the prison and sometimes they used candles to light the cells, it is said that Pixley's candle would glow brighter or dimmer than anyone else's, one guide said sometimes his candle would flicker when the others were still.  Andrew Pixley was the youngest executed in Wyoming at the age of 22. he was also the last person ever executed in the gas chamber.
      Wyoming Frontier Prison was a very violent, oppressive prison which has generated a lot of negative energy and restless spirits which still remains.  Two inmates died of the cold in the dungeon, and some inmates committed suicide by throwing themselves off the upper floors of the cell blocks, a guard at tower 9 committed suicide and many of the inmates killed each other.  In the death house 9 men were strangled in the gallows, 5 were executed in the gas chamber.  In the prisoner cell blocks apperations are seen through the corner of visitors eyes, in various cells throughout the cell blocks unseen presences are felt and disembodied voices are heard.
      In the black hole or the dungeon, an angry, crazed presence is said to threaten anyone who enters certain sections.  In the death house some sensitives have felt an increase of pressure on the chest, and a feeling of anxiety as they climbed the steps of the death house.  A reflection of an apperation of a man wearing a brimmed hat was seen in the room where the men were being executed by the hanging/strangling contraption.
     The main hot spots are the showers, the chapel, various cells and death row.  Frontier Prison is said to have residual and intelligent presences.  Visitors and employees alike have stated that certain areas of the Frontier seem to be relatively intense emotionally when they stumble upon these areas.  They say it feels like it was a hostile environment and they experience an immense fear.
The Frontier Prison is owned by The Old Pen Joint Board. 

Northern Colorado Paranormal Investigations